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Bahamian Pop Group Fourever1 release NEW MUSIC

by 242WriterJune 30, 2016

Bahamian female pop group Fourever1 release the visual for their latest single “All About Tonight”. Although these four sisters were famous before their singing career jumped off because of their unique quality of being quadruplets, their singing talent has taken them to new heights. They have caught the ear of Randy Jackson of American Idol fame who has taken them under his wing, and “dawg” all we can say is these sisters are well on their way to something big.

Smooth vocals coupled with this awesome visual, makes “All About Tonight” a project all Bahamians should be proud of.

Some international reviews of the new single state

“All About Tonight” is infectious, seductive and a high-energy tune, which was co-produced by Sarah West and Pilfinger. It has a liberating vibe to it that will make their listeners chill out. Fourever1 co-penned the song with West. This quartet of sisters was discovered on YouTube, and they served as role models, this inspiring their fans to step out of their comfort zones.

Their breathy vocals are reminiscent of such songstresses as Jennifer Lopez meets Rihanna, and these comparisons should be taken as major compliments. All four girls shine on harmonies, and the video is utterly hypnotic.

Learn more about Fourever1 on their FACEBOOK PAGE or on their WEBSITE.