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Bahamian film maker takes us to Shallow Waters!

by 242WriterJanuary 26, 2018

Telling the story of The Bahamas is something that is entrusted to a small group of creative individuals who have the vision to capture what it is to be a Bahamian and expose it to the world. One of those creatives who took up the mantle to do just that was Settlers Cove Productions CEO, Neville A. Smith, who created the series “Those From Shallow Waters”. The series is a cinematic storytelling experience that follows selected individuals through a conversation about their work, whether it be artistic, athletic or civic. Smith says

“I believe the Bahamian story is grossly under-told, and I have a new calling to help tell our story”.

The series so far has captured the stories of a Bahamian Thai Boxer, A Bahamian Juilliard School of Music student and a Bahamian Fine Artist. Smith says his favorite moments are when he discovers that the story runs deeper and when his subjects are motivated by something that shifts their lives forever. The work is definitely inspiring and the film maker [Smith] is committed to producing high quality work that will be accepted in international markets.

Smith and Settlers Cover Productions are now seeking funding to start production on a feature length documentary that will chronicle the massive move of Bahamian male labour to Florida farms otherwise known as “The Contract“.

See Those From Shallow Waters below!


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