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Islands Of The World Fashion Week 2012

by 242WriterMay 13, 2012

Once again the fashion of the islands invades The Bahamas for the Islands of the World Fashion Week 2012. The event took place at the Sheraton Cable Beach Ballroom on Friday May 11th.

Featuring 12+ designers from The Bahamas and from around the caribbean, the show was a vibrant showcase of the talent the islands have concerning fashion. Designers such as Theodore Elyett, House of Raphelita, CoutureBoy, Autumn Crop, Miracle Hands Designs and Zatthu Inc. were just of the few names to take to the runway. (cont’d below)

Photos by Donald Knowles

Islands of the Worlds Fashion showcase is a wonderful event that allows Island-based designers to get noticed. The fashion industry of the Caribbean and surrounding areas is growing and it is easy to predict that many of the designers that showcased here will become big names in the fashion world.

This year will be a big change for  Mode Îles, Ltd., the organizers of the award-winning Islands of the World Fashion Week event who have made significant changes as the production will now be held twice annually with an event in both May and November. We look forward to more great runway shows that encourage our talented designers to take their work to levels the world can appreciate.