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Bahamian Model Tomii Culmer

Let’s Make Tomii “Maxim’s Finest!”

by Lady ArchipelagoAugust 31, 2017

OK, no secrets here, but Tomii Culmer is already fine AF!

We just need to prove this fact to the head honchos at Maxim Magazine and the rest of the world. The acclaimed Bahamian model, entrepreneur and all around girl boss is injecting some serious Bahamian flair into this year’s online model competition.

Bahamian Model Tomii Culmer

But our girl can only pull through if our people of the 242 log on and vote!

Maxim’s Finest is an international model search giving the public control over who wins and who loses by way of social crowd voting.

eLIFE242 chatted with Tomii recently who says she’s already feeling the love and seeing the votes roll in.

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But she tells us that an overlooked email almost caused her to miss out on this big competition.

“I was actually trying to declutter my email inbox and noticed the subject, ‘You’ve been selected,’ that’s been sitting in there for well over a month. Now I know that I didn’t sign up for anything but it seemed interesting enough for me to check it out. I stopped the sign up almost midway being lazy really lol but I figured, ‘Well I have nothing to lose, so why not?'”

Bahamian Model Tomii Culmer

Tomii says she completed the registration just two days before public voting began yesterday.

Voting is opened until November 1st  with phased eliminations to follow.

Entrants are divided into 100 different groups…that’s a lot of people!

“My group (International Group 4) has 39 entrants. The prizes are pretty sweet; the winner is featured in the U.S. edition of Maxim and…25Gs ($25,000). Now that’s something I can definitely use, could use dat lil t’ing lol!”

At last check, she was in second place in her group.

The voting process will be opened so long, you just might forget to show the love. But Tomii says she’s making sure everyone is reminded about the competition.

Follow her on Instagram and Facebook@tomiiculmer —  to get her voting updates and notifications.


Let’s get those votes in to see her bring home the W! 

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