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Under the Tree – For HIM

by 242WriterDecember 24, 2016

What do you get for the guy who already has everything? More things! Guys love getting gifts as well so why not make his unwrapping something to remember? We’ve put together the ultimate 2016 list of things to buy for him. Trust us, he’s gonna love it!

Fit Bit © – Initially, many may have thought of wearables as a fad; however, their presence has yet to fade. The FitBit watch is the perfect combination of wearable fashion and fitness. If your guy is a gym enthusiast and fitness guru, you may want to get him the sleek, affordable FitBit watch.

Wireless Surround Sound Speakers- This is definitely for the guy who loves music, enjoys sound intensity while playing on his game console or tends to often set the right mood via a song. A set of wireless surround sound speakers is the prime gift for him! You can find this gift at amazon.com or your local electronics store. 

Go Pro © –We’re living it up in the ‘tech era’ of innovative inventions and tweaks to existing products. This is the perfect gift for a guy that loves adventures, photography or reliving epic moments. The GoPro is easy to use and captures amazing images.

Customized Cuff Links- If your guy is a tailored suit kind of man, a pair of customized cuff links just may be the right gift for him. This will amp up his dapper style while adding a personal touch!

A Drone- Take your guy to new heights with the ultimate toy for most guys at the moment. With the advent of drones a new era of remote controlled vehicles have hit the market. Whether you are using it for racing or for photography, drones are pretty cool and help to pass time on a free day. Some of the brands you may want to check out for your guy are DJI and GoPro, who sell drones sub $1000.

A Toolset- It goes without saying; every man should own a toolset at one point in his life! No matter the size of the toolkit, it’s an essential item for the home. If you’ve recently celebrated the purchase of a new home with your significant other – here’s the ideal gift for him.